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calender December 31, 2022

Successfully participated in the International Apparel & Textile Fair 2022

Participation in the different exhibitions has aided us a lot in ensuring our presence in the uniform industry. The recent International Apparel & Textile Fair 2022 on 28, 29, and 30 November at the world trade centre Dubai also has not made us feel desperate. Instead, it helped us to strengthen as a leading uniform manufacturer and supplier of uniforms. Exhibitions in Dubai mean a door to plenty of opportunities. As a global manufacturer and supporter of uniforms in Dubai, we always make optimal use of them.

How could we finish it successfully?

First booth in the stall.

Our booth was at the entrance of the hall. Whoever enters the stall has to face us first. That position had a noticeable part in the successful completion of the event as an exhibitor. Booth number B8 of hall number 4 gave us extra exposure. We express our sincere gratitude to the organizers for their unparalleled coordination.

The only exhibitor from UAE.

Ours was the only company from UAE to participate in the exhibition. It aided us in exploring both local and international visitors alike. As our factory is in the UAE, it is easy to connect with us. Though our service is not limited to the UAE, buying things from the home country is always economical.

Our potential products

We displayed both uniforms and woven labels there. Something entirely different and professional than ordinary garments. Both are potential branding products for all the times. Our prominence as the best manufacturer and supplier of uniforms and woven labels attracted visitors to us. There was a considerable demand for our Made in UAE uniforms from the very first day.

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What did we receive?

The collaboration with a reputed hotel chain group from South Africa is half done. Their trust in our Made in UAE uniforms makes us more confident. Rather than just participating in an event, we could receive more than expected. The opportunity to build a strong bond with some potential representatives adds to our happiness. Mr Mohammed Siddique from the Lulu international group was one of our valuable guests. Big clients from different corners of the world, Poland, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, etc., glorified our booth with their precious visits. We could also share information with students from different universities in UAE. Though the visitors were lesser on the second day, compared to the first and last days, the potential customers we received gave us an overall wow experience. Our presence in UAE for decades as popular and as prominent. The 1000+ regular happy customers worldwide guarantee our proud existence for years. We always entertain corporates to participate in the events like this following market trends.